AKA self love, anxious attachment & narcissists

This is an ask Kelly Anything episode!

Kelly answers listeners questions about how to practically show yourself love, what to do if you find yourself in an anxious-avoidant attachment style relationship, and where to actually start healing after a narcissistic relationship. Episode 148 of the Worshipped Woman Podcast.

If you are ready to heal your toxic relationship patterns, come home to yourself and become a women who Thrives. Heal, Rise, Thrive is the place for you. You can get on the waitlist here: https://www.kellykristintraining.com/hrtoptin-1WL 


Episode Transcript:

You deserve love, you deserve happiness. You deserve joy. You deserve to feel good simply because you do. You don't have to prove it. You don't have to do.

Anything to be deserving of that you just are. And I wonder what could change in your life if you actually started operating from that place? Just something to think about at the top of the episode. Today. I am doing an eight K eight episode,...

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