Kelly Kristin is a best selling author, subconscious change expert, deep healing facilitator, coach and mentor. Kelly specializes in working with women to heal from toxic relationship patterns, leave the past behind, love themselves and create healing and happy love in their lives. She is formerly a registered nurse with a background in psychiatry, a certified holistic health coach, NLP practitioner, PSYCH-K® facilitator, and clinical hypnotherapist. She blends all of these healing modalities together with an emphasis on embodiment to help her clients achieve deep, lasting change. Her mission is to have every woman know and embody her worth and to live a life filled with love and joy.



I am Kelly Kristin. Above all I am a seeker. I seek to learn, I seek to understand, to heal and EMPOWER. 

I believe women are the most powerful beings on the planet, and it is time to OWN our power. 

I believe in love.

I believe in living a life of meaning and PASSION. A life that YOU want to live and wake up to everyday.

I believe that YOU are capable of living the life that you so desperately want. I believe that it is possible to take you from your lowest and most lost to a life filled with love, happiness and purpose. In fact, I believe that our low points can be the greatest gifts in our lives and can help propel you to live a life you never imagined possible. 

How do I know?

Because I have done it. 

And it doesn’t matter so much what I believe as it does what YOU believe. And if you are here reading this, then there is a voice inside you telling you that there is more…

There is more for you in this life. You can do, be and become better. The question is…are you ready to do the work?

The real work…the work that breaks you down to lift you back up. The work that will reveal you to yourself. The work that will change your life. 

My journey into healing started because of my own personal struggles. I know you see the empowered, outspoken, confident and bold woman I am today and it was not always that way for me… 
I spent nearly six years in an abusive relationship and I promised myself that when I finally broke free, I would never allow that to happen again. 

I would never be powerless again.

I tried to pretend like it never happened. 

I tried to pretend like I was ok now, and I could just be strong and move on. 

And my body had other plans. 

Anxiety so bad that my hands would shake.  

Two auto-immune disorders. (PCOS and a Hypothyroid).


Sleep paralysis and night terrors. 

I tried to heal through food, holistic nutrition, supplements, and while I would get some relief,

I was still avoiding that trauma….

I just didn’t want to go there - and after all- isn’t the idea that if you eat a healthy diet and nourish your body that you should be all good, right? I was out of that environment, I should have been fine. 

But I wasn’t good. 

I couldn’t be around men and feel safe. 

I couldn’t be in my body (this led to over-drinking, using excessive marijuana, obsessive working out and binge eating).

I couldn’t be alone in my own thoughts. 

I knew I had to do something, I just didn’t know what. 

I began studying the inner workings of our mind, deep subconscious healing, inner child work, reparenting myself - looking at the programs running deep in my mind. 

And it started to shift. 

I started writing my reality as I wished to experience it and things started changing. 

I took responsibility for myself, and I FORGAVE.

I used energy psychology to release the trauma from my brain and body. 

I embodied myself, my true feminine nature for the first time in years (maybe ever).

I began falling in love with myself.

I learned how to hear my intuition and FOLLOW it. 

I healed my sensuality, and began experiencing more PLEASURE than I thought possible. 

I began loving a man and allowed myself to feel safe in the vulnerability of it all. 

I forgot everything that I have been told, everything that I thought I knew to UNLEASH MY TRUTH and follow my soul. 

To uncover the Kelly that was hidden for so many years. 

6 years is what it has taken to get where I am today, and now I am here to teach you everything that I know.

I have no PTSD, I have no autoimmune disorders, my body has never looked or felt better, I have a business that I love what I do everyday and do only what I love and I have the relationship of my dreams. I say this to you so that you know that healing is possible no matter what you have been through…

And on the other side of healing is the love, the abundance and the life that you desire and deserve. 

I am here to support you in your healing and your expansion, in living your life in full expression of who you truly are. 

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