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Are You Ready to Embody your feminine energy?

This free workbook will show you how to flip into your feminine, discover your intuitive voice and clear the negative associations of being a woman that come from living in a patriarchal world. Being a woman is magic, it is time to experience it!

You are meant for more.

And you know it. 

Have you been doing all the personal development, spiritual work, and reading every self help book you can get yours hands on and still not seeing results?

Still feel like there is something more for you? Still feel like something is holding you back from being all that you came here to be?

It is because there is...

YOU. The real you, the one that is there underneath all of the conditioning, stories and beliefs that are not serving you. 

Most personal and spiritual development miss getting down to the root cause of what is holding you back and you can spend years doing the work with little to no results, and it is time for a new way. 

Through many years of coaching, personal experience and a whole lot of love, I have developed a system for true healing and transformation from the inside out. 

If you are here reading this, I know that you are ready to heal, you are ready to become the powerful woman that you know you are meant to be.

And I am here to support you in your unleashing. 

I am not another fluffy coach. I am an expert in the subconscious mind-body connection, emotional intelligence, feminine embodiment and transformation. By utilizing a mixture of science based modalities, neuro-psychology, spirituality, and intuitive guidance. This is where science and the woo meet to make magic happen. 


Want to know how I got here? Read the full story here.

The Call to Rise

Are you ready to heal and become the powerful woman you are meant to be? Kelly's best-selling book, The Call to Rise will take you through her unique process of healing and transformation.

Working with me 1:1 is for those looking for the highest level of support and transformation. This is a completely unique experience designed around you and your needs to support you in your next level of expansion. 

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This is the only singular session I offer. It is Magic! This is for those looking for rapid healing and shifting by working directly in the subconscious mind utilizing a unique mixture of timeline therapy, hypnotherapy and Psych-K energy psychology.

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The Woman Unleashed Podcast

This is your one stop shop for all things personal empowerment, spirituality, femininity, sensuality and more!

With epic inspirational interviews and Kelly's unique voice, the Woman Unleashed Podcast is a must listen. Click the link below for iTunes and Spotify or search in your favorite Podcast App. 

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