Hi Sister! I'm Kelly

I help women heal from toxic relationships, rise into their personal power and THRIVE.

If you are looking to increase your self worth, confidence and to never allow toxic relationships into your life again, you are in the right place!

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Hi sister! I'm Kelly

I help women release and heal from the past, transform relationship patterns and come home to themselves.

Its time to Become the love of your own life.

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The Worshipped Woman

Kelly Has been named one of the "Top 10 Female Life Coaches in 2021" by Yahoo! Life

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If you are here, you know you are meant for more. You are ready to heal and become the powerful woman you were always meant to be. It is my honor to help you on your journey.

I do the work I do today because I have BEEN there, I know what it is like to be in toxic relationships, to wonder WTF is wrong with me and HOW to actually heal and break the cycle once and for all and to experience the love I really wanted. You can read my full story here.


"Kelly brought back my vitality and energy that I had locked away from negative relationships. I believe in myself again, enjoy life and love myself. After years of therapy and struggling to find true freedom, I finally have it, and I couldn't be more grateful"

Erin B.



1:1 Private coaching, For the Woman ready to embody her power like never before. Application Only.

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DIY Courses & Workshops

Get started on your transformation right away with these powerful & effective offerings all rooted in subconscious transformation.

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Single RTP Sessions

A 1:1 session focusing in on your area of choosing utilizing my signature process for rapid transformation.

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"Working with Kelly is Life Changing and Empowering. I whole heartedly recommend Kelly to ANY woman that wants to heal and experience the love, joy and life she deserves!"

Melissa J.


Are you Ready to Heal, Rise & Thrive?

If you are in the process of recovering from toxic relationships and you want to heal with other women in an empowering, uplifting group experience like no other. Then this is FOR YOU.

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The Podcast

With over 100 episodes, The Worshipped Woman Podcast is your one stop for all things empowerment, transformation, spiritual musings and more to move your life forward.

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The Channel

Check out the Youtube Channel for hypnosis meditations, different healing techniques and a plethora of information to heal yourself from toxic relationships and love your life!

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The Book

The Call to Rise is a guide for the woman ready to heal and become the powerful woman she was always meant to be. This BEST SELLER is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

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