The Worshipped Woman

The Worshipped Woman

Hosted by: Kelly Kristin

There is no relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. This podcast explores personal growth, relationships, femininity, spirituality and a whole new level of self love and self acceptance. This...


126. Is this holding you back from healing?

Season #1 Episode #126

This week Kelly is talking about a common thought and way of thinking that holds you back from healing. Learn how to move past it and become empowered. Ready to heal after and say goodbye to toxic relationships for...
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125. Toxic or Not? Getting to the bottom of what happens in your brain and body in toxic relationships.

Season #1 Episode #125

This week Kelly is tackling the very common question that happens. IS my relationship toxic or not? We are going in depth on what happens in your nervous system and brain in toxic relationships so you can understand...
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124. Make 2022 the year of you

Season #1 Episode #124

This week Kelly gives you the perspective shift you need to leave 2021 behind and inspiration to change what is possible for you in your life. Listen in for an end of the year closing exercise and how to make 2022 the...
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123. How to stop justifying hurtful behavior

Season #1 Episode #123

This week Kelly talks about how to get real with your reality and stop justifying someone treating you poorly. This will require you to raise your standards and have boundaries! Submit a question for Kelly to be...
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122. Family, Holidays, Triggers & Boundaries

Season #1 Episode #122

Join Kelly as she speaks about the upcoming Holiday season and how to work through potential triggers with family. This is a time a year that can be very stressful, but also amazing to lock in your healing and step...
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121. Relating from a place of Self Worth

Season #1 Episode #121

This week Kelly explores self worth and what it means to relate when you already know you are worthy. Tune in for tangible shifts you can make in your life to start embodying your worth now. Take it further by taking...
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120. Become the Authority of your life.

Season #1 Episode #120

This weeks Kelly discusses the importance of knowing who you are and giving that to the world, versus waiting for the world to dictate who you are. When you become the authority of your self worth and ultimately your...
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119. Early warning signs of a narcissist

Season #1 Episode #119

This week Kelly dives into how to actually tell if someone is a true narcissist and be able to spot it from the beginning of a relationship. Ready to heal from toxic relationships? Get on the waitlist for heal, rise,...
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118. Are you crazy or is it gaslighting?

Season #1 Episode #118

This week Kelly discusses gaslighting, give you a clear description of what it is, how you know you may be experiencing it or have experienced it in your relationships in that past, and of course what to do about it....
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117. Coming Home to Yourself with Kelli Tennant

Season #1 Episode #117

This week Kelly is joined by guest Kelli Tennant, Kelli shares her story of how she was able to release the "good girl" conditioning she was stuck in to living life on her terms. We get raw and real in this episode! ...
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116. Nothing is too good for you

Season #1 Episode #116

In this episode Kelly shares some powerful mind set shifts that can take you from settling in love to creating the kind of love you want to have. Ready to heal and say goodbye to toxic relationships for good? Heal...
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115. Becoming an embodied woman

Season #1 Episode #115

This week Kelly discusses what it means to be "embodied" Why it matters and the magic that embodiment work can create in your life. Ready to heal, rise and thrive after a toxic relationship? Get the scoop here:...
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