Ready to level up your self worth, your relationships and your life?

The Worthy Woman Workhsop will help you to not only "know" your worth but how to embody it in just 3 days! So that you can stop struggling with feeling good enough and  show up in life as the worthy!




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This workshop took me back to birth, it took me back to who god created me to be: a worthy woman.

truly, your workshop gave me breakthroughs that I had never even considered. It was way more than I expected.

My self worth went through the roof! My first thought now is "I am Worthy. Period".

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I am just going to cut straight to it...

Your life and your relationships are a reflection of your self worth.

If you want to have better relationships, a better life, value yourself more, heck - IF YOU JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF...

>>You MUST increase your self worth<<

I know first hand what happens when self worth is low:

  • You settle for relationships that are toxic or not what you *truly* desire.
  • you try to prove your worth by constantly performing and doing for others.
  • you settle and make excuses for other peoples poor behaviors.
  • You compare yourself to others, and always feel "less than".
  • You are afraid of telling people how you actually feel and being the real you.


What if there was a way to stop people pleasing?

Stop settling for toxic relationships and calling it "love".

Stop feeling like you have to do something to “earn” love from others?
Stop comparing yourself against others and constantly feeling like you are not enough?
Stop questioning your worth and value in this world?


GOOD NEWS, there is a way - A PROVEN WAY - and in the Worthy Woman Workshop I am not only teaching you HOW, but helping you rewire your brain to actually stop this non sense and end the battle with yourself!


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The TRUTH about worth and deservedness and how it REALLY works.
  • How to break out of the trance of unworthiness and clear any idea of not being enough.
  • The real reason you feel unworthy and actually release it from the root.
  • How to create and step into the identity of the worthy woman.
  • To create new neural connections in your brain to literally be a new way.



Please hear me when I say this, sister!

You ARE worthy.

You ARE deserving.

You ARE enough.

You ALWAYS have been and you ALWAYS will be.

But, hearing it doesn't make you believe that it is true.

Simply repeating affirmations and hoping that things change for you, doesn't work.

Awareness around the issue is not enough for change.

This workshop is about going deep, going into the deepest layer of your mind, of WHO YOU BELIEVE you are, and transforming you to BE THE WORTHY WOMAN NOW!

That version of you that KNOWS her worth, who WALKS with her worth, who sets her standards, and REFUSES to settle.

This is available to you, now! But you have to CHOOSE it!

And seriously, think about what happens if you don't...

You just waste more of your precious life not really living it. Not feeling good enough to just be who you are and you settle for way less than you really deserve!

That is no way to live, and in just 3 days you CAN be living in a whole new way as the Worthy Woman.

What you are getting inside the Worthy Woman Workshop:

  • 3 Video & Audio Lessons ($197 Value)
  • You Are Enough Transformational Hypnotherapy Session ($444 Value)
  • Being The Worthy Woman Hypnotic Reprogramming track ($97 Value)
  • What is Worthiness? Workbook ($47 Value)
  • BEcoming the Worthy Woman Workbook ($47 Value)
  • 3 Affirmation phone wallpapers ($7 Value)
  • LIFETIME access

Yes, this is an over $800 value, for just $47 when you get in today.


Yes, I am Ready to BE the Worthy Woman!

Over 1000! women have already taken this workshop and are saying...


Hi Gorgeous! I am Kelly Kristin

I am a life & relationship coach, best selling author and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I was recently given the honor of one of the TOP TEN FEMALE LIFE COACHES in 2021 from Yahoo!. My mission is to have EVERY woman know her worth, speak her truth, set her standards and REFUSE to settle.

I created the Worthy Woman Workshop because I know what it is like to settle for less than I deserved in life and ESPECIALLY love.

I am giving you the exact processes that I have used on myself and with hundreds of clients to truly shift on an identity level to create massive change in your life.

I have taken my years of personal struggle and years of training as a hypnotherapist to give you this workshop that cuts to root of so many issues women collectively face.

We are told from a young age who to be and how to act, we are led to believe we are not good enough as we are.


It is a lie that causes us to settle in love, to stay in unhealthy relationships and struggle to really love who we are.

This work has allowed me to go from toxic relationships to a love I never knew could be real, from working in jobs I hated to creating my own lane and so much more...

Where it will take you, is up to you!

"Thank you for the workbook and the amazing transformational hypnosis! I didn’t realize WHY I held certain beliefs but when doing the workbook I remembered so much, and then the hypnosis led me back to some memories I didn’t even remember! The act of telling my baby self all the things I needed to hear had me physically crying. 

I knew this would be important to do but I can already feel HOW life changing this will be."

Julie D

Hold up Kelly - Why is this only $47, what's the catch?

  • Yes - I know I could EASILY charge 10x the amount for this workshop, it is worth that and more!
  • But that won't get into the hands of everybody who *needs* it.
  • High self worth is the backbone to having a truly incredible life, and to put it simply, that is what I want for you and for everyone.
  • I know what it is like to struggle with my own self worth, to struggle through toxic relationships, be stuck in the comparison game and not enjoying life, and I want to show you that there is a better way.
  • I want to show you that it isn't HARD to change.
  • that it doesn't have to take a lot of TIME to start improving yourself and your life.
  • And, it is part of my personal mission in life to DECOLONIZE the wellness and personal development space. I offer incredible workshops at unbelievable prices because I want everyone to have access to growth and healing.

Inside this Workshop is Everything You Need to Become the Worthy Woman Now!

Lesson One

You will discover the secret to self worth, uncover your own internal beliefs about worthiness, and how to move forward.

Lesson Two

You will forever release the idea of not being good enough by releasing it from the root cause with a powerful healing hypnosis.

Lesson Three

You will learn how to step into your new identity as the Worthy Woman with clear direction & subconscious reprogramming.


  • All Lessons are Video AND audio so you can listen or watch.
  • Two transformational journaling workbooks
  • 2 Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • 3 BONUS Affirmation phone wallpapers
  • Instant & Lifetime Access

And it Won't Be $47 forever!

If you are ready to embody your worth on a new level and stop struggling through life, get the Worthy Woman Workshop NOW!


What happens after purchase?

  1. Purchase the Worthy Woman Workshop.
  2. Check your email for instant access (this may take up to 15 minutes). You will receive login information.
  3. Start at the introduction section and begin your journey to be the Worthy Woman.
  4. Start embodying your worth in your daily life.
  5. FEEL AMAZING about yourself and have improved relationship with yourself, others and the world.
  6. Go back through the workshop and hypnotherapy sessions anytime you need a reminder of your worth and enoughness.


Why Subconscious Reprogramming?

There is simply NO BETTER WAY to easily, effectively and quickly create lasting change in your IDENTITY.
  • Identity is the deepest layer in subconscious, so when you are able to change on an identity level, everything else, your values, beliefs, and behaviors follow.
  • Hypnosis is a totally safe way to break through the conscious mind to go into the subconscious which holds your identity, values, beliefs and more.
  • Your subconscious mind is responsible for up to 99% of your daily life. This is why working in the subconscious is essential for true and lasting change in your life.
  • Just having awareness around an issue is not enough to change and often times things have happened in our life that we don't consciously remember, but they are responsible for our behaviors and beliefs now, by working in the subconscious we take the guesswork out finding out the root cause and how to release it.


New to transformational Hypnotherapy? Check out the Video Below for ALL the details.


Who is the Worthy Woman Workshop for?

For the Woman that has settled for less than she deserves in life and ESPECIALLY love.

For the Woman that is stuck in the comparison game, always feeling "not enough" and can't see her own magic.

For the Woman that wants to FEEL worthy and CREATE the life and relationships she actually wants!

For the Woman that has tried the affirmations and wants to make the change but just doesn't know how.

I SEE you.

I HEAR you.

I WAS you.

I tried the positive affirmations, tried to just feel better, and I felt like most teachers and personal development failed me.

So I sought a way, that could clear the root issue instead of feeling like I was pretending all of the time.

That is what I am giving you in this workshop.

This isn't affirmations.

This isn't me just telling you that you are worthy.

This is reprogramming and rewiring your brain to ACTUALLY believe it.



You can't get this on Youtube, or listening to endless Podcasts.

The WWW is your access to deep and profound healing for less than a manicure. What are you waiting for?

The time to become the Worthy Woman is now beautiful! 

This offer will not be around long!

YES! I am ready to BE the Worthy Woman!