"I am SO thankful Kelly's wisdom and energy. She brought so much to my life and opened up so many doors and possibilities for me to explore and create. I have learned so much more about myself and have so many tools that helped me deeply transform and heal wounds that I didn't know how to on my own." - Megan G. 


“I had the pleasure of working with Kelly for 6 months. In that short time, I went from a burned out, stressed out, numb and exhausted shell of a person to a vibrant, energetic and happy woman. 

I was living a life highly influenced by those around me and poor past experiences that repeated unknowingly in both romantic and career choices. 

Kelly helped me focus on MY life. What I wanted out of it. What makes ME happy. 

Kelly’s energy, positivity, guidance, knowledge, and various treatment methods has made all the difference. She truly is a beautiful soul who has helped me realize my power and the control I have over my life and it’s outcome. 

In the time we worked together, I began a new job in a new industry where I am appreciated and am happy to go to each morning. I’m in the process of buying my own condo and living on my own - putting me and my needs first - for the first time. 

Kelly has supported me the entire way. My communication with her was always welcomed regardless of the topic or time of day. Kelly’s energy and enthusiasm is beautiful and contagious. 

I am truly grateful to have crossed paths with Kelly and to have had the opportunity to work with her. 

Thank you Kelly! You are so appreciated and I am grateful for you and our journey together. Sending you lots of love. Xoxo” - Stephanie B.

“Kelly took me on after explaining to her that I needed to remove limiting beliefs that were hindering me from attaining my goals. I knew I needed to work in the subconscious and it was easy to see her expertise. 

After a few sessions, it become clear to Kelly and I that there was “one” major block that was pretty much halting the whole process. Kelly created a safe and trusting bond with me and gently removed this one block out of me resulting in pure transformation and a healing of the soul I had never experienced before. This healing has allowed me to reclaim a lost relationship with my daughter and feel like myself again. 

I am so grateful for the work Kelly did with me and I look forward to further transformation!

Update: One major goal I had in working with Kelly was to free me of this block and open me up to a relationship. Shortly after our program ended, I manifested a healthy and loving relationship and I couldn’t be happier!” - J. Torres


"Working With Kelly Kristin is like working with a Unicorn. She is incredibly down to earth yet seriously made of magic. She is easy to understand and her value is profound." - Hannah M



"Kelly has a unique ability to make you feel so safe and support you in what really needs to be cleared so that you can just enjoy yourself and life." - Erin C.



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