"I don't even have words for how grateful I am to Kelly and the MANY breakthroughs I had while working together.

I realized just how much I was holding myself back from what I really wanted because I was afraid of judgement and trying to put myself in a box. 

Kelly helped me clear the things that I needed to in order to just be ME. And for that I am forever grateful. My relationship with me self and sexuality has done a complete 180, I feel so free and expansive, and my partner is loving all of the benefits so our relationship has hit a new level of amazing. I really can't thank you enough." Lori J

"I had an orgasm for the first time in over a year. If that isn't enough to convince of the magic of this woman than I don't know what is!

Kelly has a unique ability to make you feel so safe and support you in what really needs to be cleared so that you can just enjoy yourself and life. 

I really had no idea how much I was holding myself back from truly experiencing life and joy and pleasure. 

I now feel more alive and turned "on" than ever have and my business is doing better than ever too! I'd say it was a worthwhile investment! Thank you Kelly, you da best! PP Forever!!" - Lisa G.

"Working With Kelly Kristin is like working with a Unicorn. She is incredibly down to earth yet seriously made of magic. She is easy to understand and her value is profound." - Hannah M



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