You are ready to heal from toxic relationships, transform your relationship patterns and become a woman who Thrives!

And you want a system and healing process that has been PROVEN to work! 

PRESS PLAY and watch the video below as I explain HOW to break this pattern so that you NEVER again get into another toxic relationship again and finally experience the healthy love you deserve! I give you the EXACT steps that you need to take to be free and become a thriving woman!

Ready to Heal, Rise & Thrive?

If you have that "yes" this is what I need feeling:

  •  You have watched the whole video.
  •  This sounds like EXACTLY what you need.
  •  You are ready for support on your healing journey.
  •  You are committed to showing up and prepared to INVEST in yourself.
  •  All sounds good? then...

Hannah S.

Kelly, I don't say this lightly, but this work genuinely saved me. I had become a shell of myself in a way that scared those who loved me and I was losing sight of even the memory of who I am. HRT and the group and you, beat back the fog of my reality and helped me understand and heal in ways I truly believe I would have not gotten to any other way. I am so incredibly grateful and full of love for everything you helped me to do. This program is life-changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cady R.

After decades of different therapists, and EMDR therapy, this was exactly what I needed to complete the inner work required to heal from my past toxic relationships, but also from my own toxic behavior patterns.
I accomplished more personal growth in 8 weeks than I have in years of therapy. This was one of the best investments I ever made in myself.

Heal, Rise, Thrive is a one a kind group experience for women that are ready to transform their relationship patterns and get the healthy love they really want and deserve.


Hear How The HRT Program Has Impacted Our Past Participants!


Have you experienced any of these before?

  • Engaging in toxic relationship dynamics
  • Doubting yourself and your ability to experience healthy love 
  • Holding on to shame about your relationships and what you have experienced
  • Confusion about what really happened or why patterns in your relationships seem to keep repeating
  • Getting into a relationship with the same person but different face over and over again
  • Feeling like you have lost yourself and don't even really know who you are anymore
  • Acting in ways that feel outside of character for you or that you don't really understand
  • Wondering why or how you could have ever stayed in a toxic relationship and blaming yourself for it 
  • Fear around setting boundaries or never feeling like you have had boundaries
  • Holding on to resentment and anger about what has happened in your life
  • People pleasing or codependent tendencies
  • Betraying yourself and what you want in order to be loved
  • Trying to prove your worth in relationships
  • Chasing after people that have treated you poorly
  • Feeling like you have been doing the inner work yet not seeing the change you want

If you answered yes to ANY of the above, Heal, Rise, Thrive was MADE for you.



Chenelle's HRT experience

"Kelly provides the MOST authentic EFFECTIVE healing and REAL TRANSFORMATION I have ever seen or experienced, and I've purchased A LOT of coaching programs and self-help courses. I've paid so much more money for other programs that did NOTHING for me. Kelly OVER Delivers by a long shot. I had a HUGE breakthrough just 4 weeks into the program and it just got better from there. I released things from my body in a way I have never experienced before and had a complete shift in my energy. 

I feel a hell of a lot more empowered and like all these thoughts and feelings I've had mulling around are actually real, and I'm not crazy for wanting real love where I'm treated well. I feel way more confident with just simply saying "NO" with NO explanation and BOUNDARIES.

Kelly helped give me PERMISSION. Permission to be myself, to WANT what I want, to expect good treatment and to figure out and feel what real, healthy love is. I was able to completely cut off my Toxic ex and CHOOSE ME for the first time in my life. It was an incredible experience. As soon as I committed to show up for myself, things completely changed for me. Kelly, you are an INCREDIBLE and POWERFUL woman and coach. THANK YOU! I get emotional just thinking about it all!"

Hannah's HRT experience

This program was incredible! The format was challenging in a way that held me accountable and pushed me. I'm grateful for that. Though the end is still bittersweet, I know the point is to get us to grow on our own and to get us to a place we can keep doing the work. HRT got me there.

After completing HRT, I feel so many things. I feel strong and whole. I feel full of love, not only for others but for myself. I feel like I have the tools to face my darkest moments in ways I couldn't have imagined before taking on this work. There's a confidence and steadiness I notice in myself that's always there even when I feel the shakiness of my insecurities. It's there because I know that every part of me is valuable, even the bits that take attention and work. 

One of my biggest breakthroughs is that my guilt and shame does no good. That I couldn't have done differently because I didn't know differently. That everything I have done that I have held so much shame for was actually just the best I knew to do to keep me safe. And that's an incredibly freeing realization. It's that breakthrough that started my openness to even more growth. Acknowledging and accepting this fact has given me the space to see myself and others. It was my turning point. 

The biggest difference in my life is how I see my value in the world around me. I now know that I deserve to take up space in all aspects of my life, and in all my relationships. I know that my needs, my thoughts, my boundaries are worthy of respect - and that respect starts with me. I also now understand that I come to the table as a whole person who is learning and who is healing and I give grace to that. I also extend that same grace to others. But, importantly, I now know that extending grace and understanding does not mean that I have to tolerate someone who breaks my boundaries. There's nothing about me that isn't valuable or worthy. 

I felt totally and completely supported throughout the entire experience. From the very first phone call to the end of the last session, there was never a moment I felt alone. Even after HRT was done, the strength I got from this group has lifted me up through times I felt nervous I would lose my path.

There isn't a single person I know who would not benefit from this program. We all deserve the tools and skills that I now have because of the work we did together. 

If you even think about it for a second, do it! Do it for yourself, do it for your future, do it for everyone you love in your life. You owe it to yourself. If you are ready to do things differently, just lean in. Even if you don't know why, or don't totally understand what this will mean for you, do it. I promise this experience will change your life. It saved me. 


Kelley's HRT experience

"After going through Heal, Rise, Thrive I feel relieved. I feel knowledge about my nervous system, relationship cycles, how my past experiences including childhood experiences have affected my behavior as well as my relationship choices. I had many breakthroughs during our 8 weeks of sessions. The hypnosis sessions were always powerful to me in resolving my unconscious beliefs. One of the biggest breakthroughs I had was realizing that much of my faulty beliefs were solidified before I had any conscious memories. I believed from a very young age that I was not important, not lovable, and basically invisible. I learned to please and appease others at all costs and to deny reality. I was able to go back to these important moments in my subconscious mind and heal them. I also was able to grieve my alcoholic father like I never have before and re-integrate my younger, wounded parts of myself so that I no longer have to act out of that wounded place. 

These are all things that would not have been possible through therapy alone. 

I feel a huge shift in myself and my self worth. I used to tolerate very bad behavior and mistreatment and now I am setting boundaries with others and standing up for myself. 

Kelly is not only knowledgeable but so caring and down to earth. She created a safe space for us all to do this healing work, to anyone considering working with Kelly I say, You’re worth it. Invest in yourself. You deserve this. The future you is depending on this work. I don’t know any woman who would not benefit from this program!"

Veronica's HRT experience

After going through Heal, Rise, Thrive I am so clear on how I made my needs less valuable or important than the needs of others. I now know my job is to honor and protect and create a safe space for my inner child. 

In relationships, I used to feel that if they loved me it would mean I was lovable, and if they didn't it would only prove the deep-seated fear/belief that I will never be loved. Now I feel how lucky i am to get to love me and how much there is to love and that my goal in this lifetime is to give myself this life, and joy and prioritize that above all else. 

Anyone who has a history of choosing people who can't fully choose them back, only to validate the story that they are not worthy of being chosen. Anyone who is playing out their parent's toxic patterns in relationship... ANY human who is ready to choose themselves and create their life and stop distracting and getting pulled into the mud of unhealthy relationships would benefit from working with Kelly and going through this program. Kelly's love is so genuine, non-judgmental, strong and understanding. Just being in her energy field you remember who you are and your own worth, because she sees you past your stories, because she's so clearly seen herself past her own. HRT was incredible and I'm so grateful for Kelly and for this experience. - Veronica O.

Sarah's HRT experience

Geez I’m truly sad to see this program completed. I have literally loved everything and I’m so grateful the universe led me to you/HRT 

HRT really has allowed me to feel my own worth rather than just cognitively trying to think I’m worthy and convince myself.

Our time together led to a lot of inner child healing I knew I needed but didn’t know how to achieve. I was able to mend the relationship I have with myself and make active steps to learning practically what self-love looks like.

The biggest difference is I now truly believe that I can have what I want- that I am worthy and powerful enough to to ask for what I want without needing worthiness qualifications. I feel like I don’t need to compromise for what I want, I also feel like I can look at a good partner and say no to leave space for a fantastic partner. I don’t feel like I won’t be chosen anymore.

Anyone who feels the implications of past hurt and trauma in their own lives would benefit from going through this program.

If you are considering this program I would say go for it- but be ready to do it. There’s so much powerful and beautiful information and experiences to be had but dive into it. You’re worth the investment of time, energy, and finances. It’s not all easy, but it’s 10000% worth it.


Cady's HRT experience


I honestly am not sure what to say besides thank you. The Heal, Rise, Thrive program was the missing piece from my healing process.
After decades of different therapists, and EMDR therapy, this was exactly what I needed to complete the inner work required to heal from my past toxic relationships, but also from my own toxic behavior patterns.
I accomplished more personal growth in 8 weeks than I have in years of therapy.
My biggest breakthrough or "Aha!" moment didn't come until our last session when all of my fear and insecurities about my next journey just melted away.
Over the 8 weeks, I've learned how to trust myself and intuition again, and with that came confidence and healthy boundaries.
While I'm still nervous about what comes next for me, I feel like you've prepared us for anything. You've given me resources and tools that will change my life forever. You are so warm, and nurturing that it was easy to be honest and vulnerable while making me feel safe as well.
I think anyone who's had bad examples of love growing up, and whoever has experienced a toxic relationship where there's been any type of abuse would really benefit from this program. For me, it gave me the wisdom and courage I needed to take charge of my circumstances - I've made peace with my walls, so I can finally move past them. This was one of the best investments I've ever made FOR MYSELF! 

Tanya's HRT experience

Heal, Rise, Thrive was a major turning point in my life.  I feel refreshed and am on a more beautiful, meaningful journey in love with myself and life. 

Throughout the program I was able to work through my unresolved childhood trauma and see exactly how it transformed my life. I went from being and operating from an unworthy place with no boundaries to becoming unfuckwithable. 

I am now awake~I have transitioned from victim to acceptance. These experiences happened for me…(these dark places, serve a purpose for growth, transformation, allow these times to come up and sit with them consciously, gracefully)..I’m loving me as I am, I feel more calm, more present and truly appreciating the relationship I have  with myself.

I think any woman that has experienced relationship trauma, picks unhealthy partners or needs empowerment would benefit from this program.  Kelly knows where it’s at, she lived it, and then created gold from what she has lived. She is saving so many woman’s lives through her work. I am truly grateful that I found her, it was a major turning point in my life.

Irena's HRT experience

Since going through Heal, Rise, Thrive I feel like I'm finally standing in MY Power and feeling much more like myself again, for the first time in decades. I am now committed to choosing and showing up for myself. I also feel a lot "lighter" and happier, its like a heavy dark weight has been completely removed from my body.

My biggest breakthrough was that I CAN and have everything I need within me to create the life I want and I do not have to settle for anything less than I deserve, no matter what anyone else WANTS or expects of me. And I don't have to abandon myself to be loved.

I am less afraid to create the life I want for myself and I now have more confidence. I am now speaking my truth more and able to say "NO" when I need to without guilt. I am not abandoning myself or my needs anymore. 

I would recommend HRT 100% to anyone considering it. I received my health, confidence and power back- and that is priceless! Thanks again Kelly! - Irena K

Alicia's HRT experience

I can not believe the changes that have occurred in my life since going through Heal, Rise, Thrive.

I can’t tell you have much better I am feeling. I started prioritizing myself, Being more grateful for where I am, and looking forward to the future. I am buying myself flowers, even before Miley Cyrus made her song.

Taking myself on dates, I went to Redondo Beaches Kite festival last week, and I am planning a trip to St. Lucia with my best friend from grade school. So much good stuff that I could not imagine this time last year.

In my life, I have stopped giving out the f&cks.  I am no longer waiting for my life to begin, romanticizing that when the right person comes along we will do this and go here… I AM the right person,  and there are a lot of places that I am going. I am loving myself more, I am treating myself with dignity and respect, because I am valuable. I am dating myself and going places that I enjoy. My view of relationships have changed. I am keenly aware of when people are showing me who they are, I am no longer a people pleaser, if YOU don’t align with my core values, you no longer have access to me. I am no longer in communication with some people since completing this program, and the weeding process is still continuing.

I now know with no doubts that I have a choice in how I feel and that there is nothing that is too good for me to have.

If you have the experience of not feeling loved or valued in your relationships, You will not regret taking this program. If you are ready to not feel stuck, and live the life you were meant to live, here is where you begin. Trust yourself and trust the process.

Kelly has the ability to meet you right where you are and I am still utilizing all of the tools she has taught me today.

It is BEYOND worth it!!


Hi Sister, I am Kelly Kristin

I am so excited you are here reading this, because it means you are ready to heal from toxic relationships and live an incredible life.

Heal, Rise, Thrive is a culmination of everything I have learned over the past 8 years of study, schooling and client work in one program.

I created this program because it is exactly what I wished I would have had when I left an extremely toxic and abusive relationship.

I am a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Breathwork facilitator, Psych-K facilitator, best selling author, creator of The Worshipped Woman podcast and brand and a woman on a mission to have every woman deeply know and embody their worth.

This is my life's work and I want you to know I don't take it lightly.

If you are willing to trust me, trust the process, and put some faith in yourself, I have no doubts that Heal, Rise, Thrive will shift your entire perspective of yourself, your relationships and open up a whole new world of what is possible for you.

The Heal, Rise, Thrive Program Is PERFECT FOR YOU If You Are...

  • Someone who is ready to change your relational reality and willing to do whatever it takes
  • Eager to learn and apply new knowledge
  • Not afraid to admit that you want MORE out of life and love.
  • Desire a guide and mentor that has been where you are and can lead you through the edge of your transformation with compassion
  • Committed to completing every single assignment you're given
  • Someone who sees this as an INVESTMENT in your future
  • Someone who is accepting of differing world views and all people.


  • Someone who has an "I already know that" mentality
  • Stuck in the limiting story of why you CAN'T ever change
  • Unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your reality
  • Looking for a quick fix to your problems
  • Looking for someone to do the work for you
  • Looking for someone to *fix* you
  • If you have a history of significant trauma and have yet to do any therapy
  • If you do not consider yourself to be emotionally and mentally ready to take a deep dive into yourself, your patterns and face them.

More HRT breakthroughs! See how past participants were affected by the interaction with the group!