It's time to get the healthy love you really want and deserve.


Hopefully if you are reading this, you are a woman I am here to help.

A woman that is ready to say goodbye to toxic relationships for GOOD and get the healthy love you want and deserve.

You are intelligent, capable, successful in so many other areas of your life, but you just seem to keep attracting and repeating toxic relationship cycles.


And you KNOW that there is so much more available to you when it comes to love and relationships.


Perhaps you are still stuck in the cycle of going back and forth, not understanding why you just can’t seem to leave.


Or perhaps you have left and find yourself feeling confused, hurt, and wondering HOW you ended up here.


Maybe you are wasting away hours of your life scrolling through all the apps looking for a way to feel better or in the Youtube rabbit hole getting lost for hours trying to validate your experience.


Stuck in the information trap, getting all the information you can about narcissists, and everything wrong with them but not getting anywhere in your own healing journey.


Maybe you have even gone to therapy and while you have new awareness and you KNOW better, you still don’t feel like yourself and you want your JOY back.


What if there was a way to end all of that and EASILY attract healthy, loving relationships where you are treated like the queen you are?


And what if you were given the exact tools, guidance and support you needed to truly say goodbye to toxic relationships for good, have the freedom to be yourself and get the love you really want and deserve.


The good news is that, THERE IS. And I want to share with you exactly what that is,


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There will be an opportunity for you to see if you want to work through these steps utilizing my signature ICE method for transformation with me.


And if not, hopefully you can take some of the information I share with you on your own and create the love in your life you really want.



I will show you how to THRIVE

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Hi Sister, I am Kelly Kristin

I am a life and relationship coach, clinical hypnotherapist, best selling author, The Worshipped Woman Podcast host and was recently named one of the top 10 female life coaches by Yahoo! for 2021. I specialize in helping women heal from toxic relationships and get the love they deserve. To find out how, sign up above :)