Ready to become the Love of your Life?

The Worshipped Woman is a one of a kind community for women ready to heal, come home to themselves, love themselves fiercely and live a life in full expression.

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The Worshipped Woman is the space to come home to yourself and become the love of your own life.

The relationship you have with yourself dictates all other relationships in your life.

It's time to make yourself a priority and to treat yourself like the Queen you are.

This is the journey of the Worshipped Woman.

Here is just a taste of what will be included...


Masterclasses from experts in healing, relationships and coming home to yourself.

We will have a wide variety of classes from experts in their fields. Some will be live and some will be pre-recorded and in the membership for you to have access too!


Monthly Live Q&As and healing sessions with Kelly Kristin 

You will have access to monthly live Zoom sessions, including a q&a session and breathwork or other form of embodiment healing session. These will all be recorded and in the membership whenever you need or want to access them.


Netflix Style On Demand Healing Library

Think Netflix but at your fingertips is mediations, hypnosis sessions, tappings and embodiment practices designed to reconnect you with your true self and inner power. This will be a growing library!


And of course Community Connection through a dedicated forum!

Healing and personal growth can be so lonely, but it doesn't have to be that way! When you join the Worshipped Woman you are joining a Sisterhood of like minded women with similar values and desires! You will be able to connect, share wins, transformations and overall feel accepted exactly as you are! This is INVALUABLE!

The Worshipped Woman is perfect for YOU if you are ready to fall in love with yourself, embody your worth, improve your self image, your relationships and ultimately your life.



Kelly Kristin.



My mission has always been to empower women to choose themselves and create the healthy and happy love they want in their life.
I want to live in a world where every woman knows and embodies her worth. Where every woman sees herself in the eyes of the divine and loves herself as an act of reverence. This is what we are creating in the Worshipped Woman Sisterhood.
This is about you becoming the love of your life.

As A Worshipped Woman Founding Member:

  • You will be LOCKED into the lowest rate Founding Members price!
  • You will have immediate access to masterclasses, hypnosis sessions, meditations and more already in your online portal!
  • Access to monthly live sessions including Q&As and a healing/embodiment session.
  • You will have unparalleled access as we will be taking a limited amount of members to truly foster the community aspect.
  • You will have DIRECT SAY in the direction of the membership! I will be looking for your opinions, thoughts and what you want to see in the membership!
  • Founding members will be LIMITED so if you are interested make sure you get on the waitlist today!

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It's time to become the love of your life!

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